Saturday, 29 November 2008

Yum cha for lunch

Fook Yuen restaurant, Chatswood.

After lunch we finally went out and bought some speakers.


  1. mmmm...Lucy's favourite....particularly when we had "yuck cha" (in her words) for lunch in Melbourne the same day as flying in from the UK in 2000. Nothing better for jet lag than the odd chicken's foot or two...hehe....

  2. New speakers, cool. Shame I cannot get to the link you put. Says something about access is denied. Not sure if it is because I am at work or the link doesn't actually work. I had ptoblems linking to the Olympus site. Couldn't do it for some reasson.

  3. I think their website is down for maintenance but here is picture from Focal's website.

  4. They are very sexy looking speakers, cannot wait to have a listen on Saturday.

    How is Pern treating them?